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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools - Released!

Hi All,

I've been busy getting this thing ready to go out the door. Well, it's
still not really ready to go out the door, but I'm using the dictum of:

"Release Early, Release Often".

I need brave souls to try this out...it does come from a working
application in a school (in fact an entire division of 6 elementary
schools), so it's not that bad. It just needs more things...

In any case, I'm calling this release 0.4 Beta. Hopefully we'll catch all
the bugs that I've introduced by packaging, adding docs, etc.

The main site for this is at:


I don't think this will saturate the connection, since this is quite small
(tar file = 160k), but I can put up a mirror on a much faster connection
if required.

Les Richardson