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[school-discuss] Indigenous Computer Arts Fund


I am searching for an organization that might be interested in this project.  Please let me know
if you can point me in the right direction.  (project outline is below)

brett hartshorn

    Art is the basic vehicle by which people express their culture.  However, in many areas of the
world the advances in computer arts are inaccessible because of the cost and specialized knowledge
that is necessary.  The purpose of this fund is to provide people in very economically and
technically underdeveloped areas new opportunities for the expression of their indigenous culture
through computer arts.

    This project proposes to provide computer hardware, software, and training to help create a
computer arts program for a school system in an underdeveloped area.  The computer arts classes
will be given to people who rarely even get to see a computer.  This dynamic will create a new
context for ideas and expression.  This expression will take form in the artwork of the students. 
What will they choose to say with this new medium?

    Proposed class size will be thirty students, with a computer for each student.  Two classes
will be given a day: the first in basic computer literacy, and the second in computer graphics and
animation.  An experienced computer artist will teach the classes.  The classes will be taught
using open source software, primarily: Linux, GIMP, Blender3D, and Open Office.  Education of free
open source software is very important, and the project will promote this fact.

    The entire program is estimated to take two years (two school seasons). This will take a
student with no prior computer experience to a basic level of proficiency with Open Office, GIMP,
Linux and Blender3D.  The first season will teach first Open Office, then the GIMP, and finally
Linux. Students wishing to return next season for a course in 3D animation will be taught using
Blender3D.  They will also be introduced to rendering with LightFlow, and scripting with Python. 
In order to keep costs to a minimum hardware donations will be necessary.  However donations of
all the needed Wacom tablets is not expected.  Thirty 4X5 tablets will cost approximately $2,400. 
Assuming donated computers are used, the project could operate on a hardware budget of
aproximately $3,000.  Required hardware will be any Pentium2 or higher with at least 64MB of RAM. 
Total cost of the project is hard to estimate precisely, there will be the cost of travel, and
transportation of computers.  The teacher will work on the normal teachers salary of that
location, this way he will be able to provide for his own room and board. There will be some cost
of communications, and maintenance of a website.

for more information visit:

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