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[school-discuss] Possible lead on open source

Yeah, I know it is's outlook.

Karl Pena (karl@tux.org) sent me your way.  I am copying this to the
schoolforge-discuss list as well, hopefully there will some coordination if
folks can act on this."lead." Here is a link for

I started a list about 3 years ago around the concept of an electronic
device built under open source guidelines to replace the printed textbook.
Here is my page on the puppy.  http://www.linuxhelpers.org/ed-e-book.html.
The list for this has been swallowed up by Yahoo and the meager archives are
here.  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ebook-device/

I have recently gotten an email from a Bob Chappell, and I think it seems
they may be open to the notion of open source solutions.  I am reading a lot
into the email, but if you know of someone that is a really awesome salesman
on opensource, this could be an oppotunity to make serious inroads.  I only
know what I have read in the email and what I was able to dig off of the

Here is my basis for thinking Mr. Chappell is in Page county :
Division Name: Page County Public Schools
 Superintendent: Dr. Robert T. Chappell
Phone Number: (540) 743-6533     Fax Number: (540) 743-7784
Mailing Address: 735 W Main St                  Luray, VA 22835

Here is the email sent to the group.
From:  "rchappell55" <rchappell55@yahoo.com>
Date:  Wed Oct 16, 2002  5:36 am
Subject:  Availability of k-12 textbooks in electronic format

I am a Virginia School Supt. interested in exploring the electronic
textbook as an alternative to costly hardback books. Does anyone have
info about whether major k-12 publishers are offering their products
in the electronic format? We are currently accessing on-line course
ware in some high school subjects. Otherwise, we are spending huge
sums of public funds on hard copies that become quickly obsolete and
Thank you!
Bob Chappell

Good luck, and I hope it is a good lead.

bill ries-knight