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Re: [school-discuss] free/open inspiration replacement? (concept mapping)

> I have a colleague who is pushing hard for me to let her train teachers using
> the concept mapping software called "Inspiration." It makes idea trees with
> boxes for leaves in-on which people can write. It's slick. But I don't want to
> back down on free - open only right now. She is not happy with my quick and
> dirty html alternatives or just graphics using GIMP.
> Ideas, please?
> David

A real concept mapping software program is light years better than just a
graphic tool, even GIMP. If someone is hooked on training teachers using
concept mapping -- then by all means let them share that energy and
excitement. We don't need anyone out there putting a damper on excellent

Concept mapping can be taught with a certain tool (open or closed) and then
be applied by the next teacher in his/her own way. Even Post-It Notes (tm)
from 3M -- very low tech -- can be used on a chalk board.

And, should there more more people out there using concept maps -- we might
get more open code concept map utilities in due time.

My $.02:
    Quick and dirty HTML alternatives are quick and dirty.
    The concept mapping person needs a concept mapping tool -- mostly to
teach the process to others. Do look at the forest and not just some trees.
Give her the green light.


Mark Rauterkus
mark@Rauterkus.com  http://Rauterkus.com