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Re: [school-discuss] free/open inspiration replacement? (concept mapping)

"Mervyn, Jason" wrote:
> Inspiration, and the child-friendly version Kidspiration, are pretty decent
> software products.  I even use Inspiration for drafting essay outlines; I
> don't know whether they fall under the category of "mind mapping" or not.
> http://www.inspiration.com/index.cfm
> The closest match in interface appearance would be Visio, and I know there's
> at least one free competitor (Dia, at http://www.lysator.liu.se/~alla/dia/).
> But Inspiration is good simply because of the simplicity in the product.  I
> would also be interested in a free competitor... I was planning to use Wine
> otherwise.

Probably not exactly what you're looking for
(from the descriptions - I've never seen "inspiration")
but have you seen the announcement of the intention to
produce rather an interesting piece of brain-storming/
mind-mapping/organisationl software, called "Chandler"?
additional background at:

It'll certainly be useful in some areas of education :)

- Richard Smedley

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