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RE: [school-discuss] Linux 101

Michael -

Here are a couple of other links that might be useful as well:



My company teaching linux fundamentals, SA, Networking and Security.
You might check out the outlines at
and I am sure I could help figure out a deal that would work for you
and the local college.

If I come across any other teaching resources, I'll send them your

Mary Kay Murlas					mk@itdc.edu

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I saw this one a few months back; maybe it will be useful.


Jason H. Mervyn
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I've been tapped to do an Intro to Linux continuing ed class at the our
local community college and I need to put it together by January. So I'd
like to start collecting resources now. Has anyone on this list done this

Any favorite links? Guides? How-to's?

They pretty well left it up to me to determine content. They are looking to
capitalize on the recent (?) surge of interest in linux and hope to develop
several more classes if this course is a success.

Looks like I'll have a 15 station lab that I'll have to find an easy way to
run linux in as they don't want to repartition yet. I'm leaniung toward
booting into k12ltsp with floppies but there is also a case for one of those
distro's that run under windows...any suggestions?

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