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Re: [school-discuss] Linux 101

On Tue, 29 Oct 2002 4:55 am, Michael Williams wrote:
> I've been tapped to do an Intro to Linux continuing ed class at the our
> local community college and I need to put it together by January. So I'd
> like to start collecting resources now. Has anyone on this list done this
> already?
> Any favorite links? Guides? How-to's?

Some links from seul-edu (original posts in March).

Rute is very long and detailed, almost certainly too long and detailed for 
what you are after, but looks like a good reference.

Art Ross has a course up at http://www.linuxindayton.com

Look for the thread to in the Seul-edu archives 
(http://archives.seul.org/seul/edu/) called 'How to "Teach Linux"' for other 
posts on this topic at the time.

I'm sure there were a number of other threads on the same topic in seul-edu 
over the last year or so.

> They pretty well left it up to me to determine content. They are looking to
> capitalize on the recent (?) surge of interest in linux and hope to develop
> several more classes if this course is a success.
> Looks like I'll have a 15 station lab that I'll have to find an easy way to
> run linux in as they don't want to repartition yet. I'm leaniung toward
> booting into k12ltsp with floppies but there is also a case for one of
> those distro's that run under windows...any suggestions?

Provided you have a good Linux server (with lots of RAM) another possibility 
is to use Cygwin-XFree as XDMCP Terminals.  It is even possible to set this 
up to run entirely over samba, so you don't need to install anything on the 
Windows machines at all.  Just double click on a shortcut, and lo! a Linux 
KDM/GDM logon screen appears.

This is essentially the same as the k12ltsp floppy idea, but without the 
floppies.  If you want more details on this, drop me a line.  I started a 
project on Sourceforge on this, but got sidetracked while waiting for 
Cygwin-XFree to get to the point where it made it easy.  Cygwin-XFree is 
there now, but I have not got back to it.  Perhaps with some encouragement I 
might.  ;-)  Otherwise, just have a look at Cygwin-XFree at 
http://xfree.cygwin.com.  (Although not directly relevant, the big news there 
is that rootless mode now works, so you can now display single *unix X apps 
on your windows desktop.)