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[school-discuss] Linux 101 Info

Thanks everyone,

Your responses have been great. I'm going to work through the Lecture
outline included in Rute's User Tutorial and Exposition with an eye toward
the other tutorials from SEUL, IBM etc. I have not gone through the whole
course yet but I believe it does an excellent job of showcasing the
strengths of linux.

It would require some prerequisites and access to linux outside the class but
I like the idea of having such a great resource. Participants could
purchase the book and/or have access to it on line.

I'm on my way over to talk to there tech guy about my options with the lab.

Thanks again,
Michael Williams                   Instructional Technology
Haywood County Schools          216 Charles St. Clyde, NC 28721
http://www.k12linux.org                 (828) 627-8314