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[school-discuss] Bologna, november 30th - speakers wanted

A conference targeted at school teachers will be held on november 30th
at the computer science department, Bologna univ, italy. 

That event will offer the opportunity to describe and discuss results and 
commitments of the AICA OpenSource workrgroup: 

 - infrastructure: technical meetings, workshops and linux courses have   
   been organized during this year.
   Linux courses will not be offered any more. Several other agencies/firms
   are better suited than our association to that task. 
   Rather we think that an authority in charge to suggest the best,
   up-to-date software and hardware solutions for schools and to stress the 
   relavant skills required to maintain the school infrastructure would play 
   a more effective role to encourage switching to linux based networks. 
   It would provide indications to IT professionals and course managers about
   which technical solutions are preferable for schools and it would stress 
   the importance of well defined competencies areas needed to run the 
   (this is our view, in italy; it may be different in u.s.a.)
   Our hope is that those many voluteers and linux associations in our country 
   will join their efforts to set up such authority. 

 - didactics: we have just started a plan to localize educational applications, 
   provide italian documentaion and help a chosen number of schools to install
   and run the programs. 
   We hope that IT profesional will be of help at this experimental stage,
   this way stepping into a profitable market. 

I would like to invite speakers from other european countries to deal with 
the 'infrastructure' or the 'didactics' topic. I've been told that in france 
some work has been done on the 'didactics' side, but i wasn't able to find 
anyone available for november 30th. 

Any help wil be welcome. 

thank you 

Paolo Pumilia

AICA OpenSource WorkGroup Coordinator 
email: paolo.pumilia@acm.org
cell: +39 347 2315 496
Website: http//www.linfe.it/AICA-OpenSource