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RE: [school-discuss] An open letter to Microsoft

Hr. Woelfel & group,
I've had some extremely limited experience with the refund, and I think you
are correct.  Any refund comes from the manufacturer, and they basically
have to give the refund out of pocket since the license has already been
purchased and theoretically 'bound' by the EULA to that specific machine.

I remember while working at the U.S. Census Bureau, there was negotiation
with Toshiba and NEC to get money back for the unused Windows licenses (they
were loading laptops with DOS).  I don't recall if they ever got their money

More on the discussion (again, from Computerworld) at 

Jason H. Mervyn
Computer Specialist

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This is oubviously no viable solution, but how about klicking "NO" at the 
click wrap EULA procedure and going for a refund?


- Anyone "buying" such an amount of computers should be informed about the 
license _before_ the deal. Anyway, it is a deal with the computer 
manufacturer, not necessarily with the provider of the unwanted OS. Is that

- Is the refund clause in the EULA in this case?

- How successful have that refund procedures been anyway?

Please correct me, I think I am pretty wrong here.

- Burkhard