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Re: [school-discuss] An open letter to Microsoft

On Thursday 31 October 2002 20:42, you wrote:
> Hr. Woelfel & group,
> I've had some extremely limited experience with the refund, and I think you
> are correct.  Any refund comes from the manufacturer, and they basically
> have to give the refund out of pocket since the license has already been
> purchased and theoretically 'bound' by the EULA to that specific machine.

20 minutes after I wrote my mail, I understood it the same way, but I had no 
mail client available in the car <cough>.

> I remember while working at the U.S. Census Bureau, there was negotiation
> with Toshiba and NEC to get money back for the unused Windows licenses
> (they were loading laptops with DOS).  I don't recall if they ever got
> their money back.

I doubt that the manufacturer would even think of such a way to deal with it 
in a case with that much publicity.

Thank you Mervyn.
- Burkhard

> More on the discussion (again, from Computerworld) at
> http://cwforums.computerworld.com/WebX?13@20.7nIAa9XMnQJ^1@.ee9c2cf/0
> Jason H. Mervyn
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> This is oubviously no viable solution, but how about klicking "NO" at the
> click wrap EULA procedure and going for a refund?
> Problems:
> - Anyone "buying" such an amount of computers should be informed about the
> license _before_ the deal. Anyway, it is a deal with the computer
> manufacturer, not necessarily with the provider of the unwanted OS. Is that
> a
> problem?
> - Is the refund clause in the EULA in this case?
> - How successful have that refund procedures been anyway?
> Please correct me, I think I am pretty wrong here.
> - Burkhard