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[school-discuss] original radio play of jack london's "house of mapuhi"


we finished rehersals at East Jefferson High School's "Blue Moon Theatre" and
had Knight recording studio come over for three days with a DAT recording rig 
more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at !

the final mixdown of the voices is TERRIFIC!

over the next week, we will master in music and sound effects, then it gets
posted into the Gutenberg Collection at http://www.promo.net/pg/.

we are going to release it along with a computer reading of "Alice in 

our most advanced synth reading to date.

the play, charlie miller's soulful trumpet and Alice, we hope,
will make an attractive fund raising premium for the school.

we'll let you know how it turns out :-)

mike eschman, etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ...