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[school-discuss] Money from M$ for schools? Fw: Legal Notice to California Microsoft Users

I just got this in... It might make a difference to some groups.

I only know what is here

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----- Original Message ----- 
From: Superior Court Settlement Administrator <MSCAadministrator@ddi2.com>
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 2:10 PM
Subject: Legal Notice to California Microsoft Users

Consumers And Businesses May Now Claim Microsoft Settlement Benefits.

Settlement to provide up to $1.1 billion in benefits.

Read the summary notice below and, if you want more information about this
settlement, the claims procedure or your options, click the links below to:

- Get a Claim Form  http://www.microsoftcalsettlement.com/ClaimPage.htm
- Read the Court's detailed notice
- Go to the Court's main Web page  http://www.microsoftcalsettlement.com/

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit against Microsoft on
behalf of consumers and businesses that acquired Microsoft software between
February 18, 1995 and December 15, 2001 for use in California. Shortly after
"final" court approval of the settlement, Microsoft will distribute up to
$1.1 billion in vouchers that eligible consumers and businesses can redeem
for cash after buying computers, peripheral computer hardware, or computer
software made by any manufacturer. Eligible Microsoft software users may now
send in a Claim Form <http://www.microsoftcalsettlement.com/ClaimPage.htm>
for the vouchers.

What Is This Case About?

The Plaintiffs in the lawsuit claimed that Microsoft violated California's
antitrust and unfair competition laws and thereby overcharged consumers for
certain of its software. Microsoft denies these claims and contends that it
developed and sold high quality and innovative software at fair and
reasonable prices. The Court did not decide in favor of the Plaintiffs or
Microsoft. Instead, both sides agreed to a settlement.

What Can You Get From The Settlement?

You are eligible for vouchers if you acquired the Microsoft software listed
below, or a computer on which the software was already installed. The
vouchers are worth $16 for Microsoft "Windows" or "MS-DOS," $29 for
Microsoft "Office," $26 for Microsoft "Excel," and $5 for Microsoft "Word"
(including versions of "Works" or "Home Essentials" software that contain
"Word"). Software for server computers and Apple computers is not eligible.

You are entitled to claim the specified amounts for each computer on which
you were lawfully entitled to use the Microsoft software. Also, if you
acquired multiple versions of the same product (or separately acquired
upgrades), you're entitled to the specified amounts for each version or
upgrade. Businesses with headquarters outside California are eligible if
they acquired the Microsoft software for use at any of their locations in
California. More information is in a detailed notice at the Web site below.

How Do You Get Benefits?

Simply fill out and send in a Claim Form postmarked no later than March 15,
2004 to get benefits. If you acquired up to five copies of qualifying
Microsoft products and have up to $100 in total claims, you can use a
Standard Claim Form
to ask for benefits, and you do not have to provide any additional documents
or proof about your software. If your claim is larger, you can also use a
Standard Claim Form, but you will need to provide additional information
about your software. If you are a volume licensee (e.g. "Open," "Select," or
"Enterprise"), you need a Volume License Claim Form
https://webform.microsoftcalsettlement.com/ClaimFormToPDF.aspx?ClaimType=V .
All the Claim Forms are available at http://www.microsoftcalsettlement.com/
or by calling 1-800-960-5660, toll-free. Claims may be audited and penalties
apply for false claims. Two-thirds of any unclaimed amount will be
distributed as vouchers to certain schools that serve students from
low-income households.

Selling Or Selling Or Donating Your Benefits.

You may donate up to $650 of your settlement vouchers to a school or charity
of your choice, or sell them, or give them as a gift. Vouchers may be sold
to anyone who does not intend to resell them. Transferred vouchers may be
redeemed up to $10,000. Vouchers can be transferred only once.

What Are Your Other Options?

You may object in writing no later than December 30, 2003 to any part of the
settlement or a request by the lawyers representing you in 27 coordinated
cases against Microsoft for fees and expenses of up to $275 million. These
fees and expenses will be paid separately by Microsoft and will not reduce
the settlement benefits you get. The detailed notice explains how to send in
an objection. The San Francisco Superior Court will hold a hearing in this
case, called Microsoft I-V Cases, J.C.C.P. No. 4106, on February 13, 2004 at
10:00 a.m. at 400 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, to decide
whether to give final approval to the settlement, and to consider the
attorneys' request for fees. You or your lawyer may appear at the hearing,
at your own cost. If the settlement is approved, Microsoft will be released
from liability for all claims associated with the litigation and you won't
be able to sue, or continue to sue, Microsoft for that liability. For more
details, or to get a Claim Form
http://www.microsoftcalsettlement.com/ClaimPage.htm , call 1-800-960-5660
toll-free or go to http://www.microsoftcalsettlement.com/.