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[school-discuss] Re: Subd-omains ... and rsync instructions:

On Wed, Oct 13, 2004 at 10:00:04PM +0100, Ricardo Wagemaker wrote:

| Guys I hope this is of any help to you now that we are more secure and
| without ftp, I used rsync and this is how I've done it:
| Dave I know you where wondering how to upload or download, well here we
| go:
| LOCAL=/dsk/1/RPM/  {Each on his own}
| REMOTE=/web/pub/games.jdshelp.org/ or {/web/pub/rpms.jdshelp.org/}
| USER=gcclinux {use your own provided by Phil}
| For Uploads:
| #rsync -vrtl -e ssh --rsync-path=/usr/bin/rsync $LOCAL
| $USER@jdshelp.org:$REMOTE
| For Downloads:
| #rsync -azv -e ssh --rsync-path=/usr/bin/rsync
| $USER@jdshelp.org:$REMOTE/* $LOCAL

Note that these command line example are really to be typed all on
one line.

But I do suggest a slightly better approach would be to not use the
wildcard.  Match up directory for directory that you want to transfer,
and append a "/" to the tail of both names (source and destination)
to ensure that you don't end up inserting a directory inside of a
directory in an unexpected way.

If your rsync version is 2.6.0 or later, the ssh is the default and
the -e option isn't needed.

I'll be putting up some web pages documenting things eventually.  In
the mean time, I'm fine tuning the apache configuration to make it
easier to add more subdomains.  They will stay in the same place as
before, which is:  /web/pub/${sitename}/
where ${sitename} is the principle hostname for that site or area,
and won't generally have the "www" in it.