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Re: [school-discuss] Open Source Linux PBX

Stewart M. Ives wrote:
Has anyone out there tried this yet??
Yes. I've configured a basic installation of asterisk some weeks ago.
I tried it with:
- an ISDN BRI PCI card;
- three soft-phone [*] connected via IAX protocol
- _NO_ phisical phone.

After several days spent on configuration (I've to admit that it's not very easy, even with only an ISDN PCI card), I've been able to:

- use "intercom" between soft-phones;
- phone an external fixed phone-line, from an internal soft-phone;
- receiving a phone from an external line on an internal soft-phone;
- using "music" playing MP3 file;
- setting up some kind of "menu" (press "1" to do this... press "2" to do that.... press "3" to do this other thing, and so on).

My impression [**]
- the project is _very_ strong!
- there are some "stability issues", but even with them, it worth the effort to deal with Asterisk;
- in respect to "classical" PBX, Asterisk opens completly new "fields of playing"

> Does anyone have a recommendation on inexpensive IP Telephones???

If you have PCs on each classroom, you _DON'T_ need IP-phone. You can use "soft-phone" (connected to the audio board of the PC).

Anyway, if you want to use "standard phone", you should consider buying some "quicknet" card to put in the PC and with a plug useful to connect the standard phone (FXS/FXO).

My 0.02 euro.


[*] http://iaxclient.sourceforge.net/iaxcomm/
[**] ...but please, consider that I'm a "technical-guy"

Damiano Verzulli
e-mail: damiano@verzulli.it
"...Science, after all, is ultimately an Open Source enterprise..."
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