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Re: [school-discuss] Open-source alternatives


Sorry for the delay responding to this thread. Could you give us a little more info on CCC? Is there a website? Four or five years ago we purchased 3 seat liscences for Plato and it has been of marginal use.
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Michael Dean wrote:

Yes, this is the same (possibly modernized for browser delivery) Plato software I evaluated at the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium in the late 70's! Then the software didn't work, and my investigations of more contemporary evaluations came to the same conclusion! If I recall, then students lost 10 months of math achievement over what they would have accomplished with just a teacher! This is in contrast to CCC, where theirdrill and practice modules caused students to gain 18 months! A two year gap!
troy@banther-trx.homeunix.com wrote:

Try www.plato.com