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Re: [school-discuss] Speaking at regional ACSI convention

 > How would you approach this?  What would you HAVE to include to feel that
 > you have done justice?
   My typical spin is about the opposite of yours: I most emphasize server 
usage, stressing a complete replacement for Windows on the server side.  I 
make a distinct pitch of GNU/Linux viability on the desktop with the caveat 
that it depends on what apps you need to run.  I never forget to include talk 
about GNU/Linux's "terminal server" capabilities and note that low-end 
Pentium machines can successfully run modern apps via this function.  This 
can be linked to a lower TCO thread by noting centralized administration and 
the fact that GNU/Linux doesn't need anti-virus or desktop security add-ons.

   That's the software spin, but I always hit on licensing ideology too.  To 
me, the free software side of GNU/Linux is the real boon.

   My slides usually include a photo of a typical US school bus and then one 
Mercedes Benz school bus and I ask why doesn't your school run the Mercedes; 
the point goes over well that we don't always need the most expensive option 
but yet that's what we're doing with software.  I then ask how many times a 
school has purchased Windows, KidPix or (insert popular school apps here) and 
note the lunacy of licensing in general.

   To paint how this comes together in terms of software development, I note 
the Koha library automation software.  I note its complexity and how it was 
originally developed in New Zealand but when an Ohio library considered using 
it, they found some features lacking.  So the Ohio library paid for only that 
specific development, saving a lot money, and now everyone that uses Koha 
benefitted.  Saving money and helping others is the general theme.  Stressing 
this cooperative type of software development seems to go over well with 

   I'm not sure what sort of environment you'll be speaking at, but make sure 
you have some eye candy and/or apps to display (TuxPaint and TuxType are 
always good for that...).


While we sit comfortably using our computers, soldiers paid for with our taxes 
are killing and torturing innocent people half a world away in order to steal 
their oil; we have blood on our hands.