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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] FOSS database

torsdag 28. oktober 2004, 18:53, skrev LorraineDuff:
> I have recently downloaded OpenOffice and I'm still working my way
> through it, trying to learn at the same time, but it doesn't seem to
> have a database, I desperately need a database.  This is what I need
> help with, if anyone has a suggestion of an easy to use database
> through FOSS then please could you let me know?

You could probably contact Ingrid Salt <ingrid<at>bitnexus.net>, because 
she has made a fully integrating cource with OpenOffice and MySQL. It's 
working, It's greate, but It's in Norwegian. Contact here on e-mail, 
and you'll probably get a nice reply: 

MySQL and OpenOffice with Linux and Windows: 

Dansih howto based on the english version: 

- Knut Yrvin
Project manager (cel: +47 908 95 765) Skolelinux Norway and OpenOffice
translation to Norwegian. Office 1: SLX Debian Labs Forskningsparken,
Gaustadalle 21, 0349 OSLO, NORWAY. Office 2: IT-Staff Akershus County
Council, Schweigaards gate 4, 0185 OSLO, NORWAY