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Re: [school-discuss] bootable CDs for a MAC?

Well, EDUbuntu has a PPC live / install cd, you can grab it here:
or have them shipit (shipit.edubuntu.org) to you free.  

There was also a knoppix ppc remaster at one point, I don't recall the name - 
necrotix or something.  I know there is a gentoo live cd for ppc, but that is 
mainly an install CD not so much a functional desktop environment.

I don't think its a live CD, but a project called Software for Starving 
Students has a CD that includes Mac software.

Here is what frozentech has listed for PPC Live CDs:


On Sunday 01 October 2006 14:59, Sharon Betts wrote:
> Has anyone made a bootable CD for a MAC?
> Sharon

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