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Re: [school-discuss] bootable CDs?

Okay, to show the flexibility of the Slax system, and how bad I wanted to 
avoid mowing my lawn, I whipped up a customized version of the EDU-Nix Dual 
Mode CD II, it has Windows Installers for Tuxtype, Tuxpaint and Tuxmath, 
Abiword, Childsplay and GCompris.  On autorun, a menu (should) popup allowing 
you to select which program you would like to install. 

In the Linux Live Environment, there is Gcompris, kde edutainment suite, 
tuxtype2, tuxpaint, tuxmath, openoffice.org 2, stellarium, and more.  The 
only thing I didnt yet implement in the live linux environment is childsplay 
(i need a little bit to build a module for it and figure out the 
dependencies, but one will be coming shortly...)

You can grab the "EDU-Nix II Brandon Edition" Here:

I will also be writing articles on customizing your own cd and creating 
modules for slax.  But first, it's either the lawn or sleep on the couch, if 
you catch my drift.


On Saturday 30 September 2006 15:51, Daniel Howard wrote:
> Richard Houston wrote:
> >> One thing I noticed missing on Richard's disk is the Edutainment OSS
> >> with which our teachers have been having a blast: Tuxtypes, GCompris,
> >> Childsplay, etc.  (The windows versions have fewer games than Linux, but
> >>  it's still quite functional.)
> >
> > Tell you what. Let me know the full list of program you see missing and I
> > will add them to the updated 1.3 I will be mastering. I will do my best
> > to add them all but I would like to keep them to the ones the have both
> > Linux and Windows version of the programs. I will be updating to 1.3
> > anyways.
> Cool!  Here's the ones we tend to use a lot at Brandon that have windows
> counterparts:
> TuxType
> TuxMath (Tux, of Math Command)
> TuxPaint
> Abiword
> Childsplay
> GCompris
> Daniel

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