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[school-discuss] EDU-Nix Dual Mode CD 2 / Distribution Solutions

Hi Folks,

EDU-Nix Dual Mode CD 2 is now available, and as usual, FTP mirroring will lag 
a few days behind the initial release.  Anyhow, for starters only an HTTP 
download is available, but I hope to have mirror support in place soon.

Which Brings Me To:

Over the past few days, the discussion has covered distribution solutions for 
our varied projects, such as FTP hosting / mirroring and torrent seeding / 
hosting /tracking.  An interesting project that I found is at Ibiblio, called 
Osprey http://osprey.ibiblio.org/, that seems to be an all-in-one solution.  
I have contacted the admin, and am hoping to hear back shortly.  I will 
certainly pass on any information I can obtain.

Back to my shameless plug:

Version two of the EDU-Nix Open Source Schoolware Dual Mode CD is based upon 
the Slax Live CD, and includes even more Free Software for Windows computers 
than before.

The Live CD environment is feature-packed and includes Wine, Samba and the 
TSClient for simple integration into your existing Windows network as well as 
the Gimp-Print and Gutenprint drivers, providing compatibility with many 
common printers.

The EDU-Nix Live CD Environment provides a fully functional desktop 
environment that can seamlessly integrate into your existing computer 
infrastructure, in addition to the Free Software for Windows also included on 
the same disc.

A brief package listing is available here: 

Download here:


Shane Coyle