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Re: [school-discuss] WinOSSCDRom V1.3


This is great!

I've a collection of non-OSS & OSS free Windows software that I use in school setting.... What's out there that is both useful and good is amazing... my collection is pushing 4 GB.

For a first list (not complete) see also....

See also: http://digitalteacher.blogspot.com/

Richard Houston <rhouston@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,

Just a quick note that I have completed Version 1.3 of the WinOSSCDRom.
The disk is now over 690 Megs of Open Source software for Windows. I
actually had to remove the advanced/databases to make room.

The big changes? Added Edutainment section which includes Tuxpaint,
Tuxtyping and many more. I also added a games section. The only game in
there is Fightgear but hey I am running out of space. ;)

Any ways you can get more info at http://www.rlhc.net/blog/?page_id=71
which include a change log, the torrent file and a complete list of
programs included.

If anyone has any idea of how to spread awareness of the CD please let me
know and feel free to post to dig, Lxer and other if you wish.

Thanks and let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions and or comments.

Best regards,
-Richard Houston
-R.L.H. Consulting
-E-Mail rhouston@xxxxxxxx
-WWW http://www.rlhc.net
-Blog http://www.rlhc.net/blog/

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