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[school-discuss] WinOSSCDRom V1.3 off to a good start!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note on the WinOSSCDRom in week one.

First off a big thanks to Vedran Vucic of http://www.gnulinuxcentar.org
for hosting the ISO for me. I really appreciate it. You can see there
post on the CD at

So far this is what I have been able to figure out for distribution:
Vedran said he is giving out 23 disks in the next week or so at local
I have an order for 40 CD from one of the technical schools here in
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
and 25 downloads so far off the torrent that I can track. I have asked
Vedran to see if he can track the downloads from his site as well in the

I also posted to www.lxer.com yesterday and to Linuxtoday.com today so we
will see what kind of response for those postings.

So in week one the CD will have about 100 unit "in the field". Versions
up to 1.2 combined wound up being about 200 downloads.

Anyways, thanks for all the pats on the back and words of encouragement.
If any of you are using the disk and or distributing please drop me a
quick note just for my info. Nice to know how WinOSSCDRon is being used.

Thanks All,

Best regards,
-Richard Houston
-R.L.H.  Consulting
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