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Re: [school-discuss] WinOSSCDRom V1.3

> Hi Richard,
> We've just moved into a new house, so I've got to go find & unbox the
> DVDs. I'm going to do a recursive directory listing & try to document
> each item.

Oh Been there, don that, know what you are going through. When you have a
chance. ;)

> Actually this is part of a backburnered project that I'm looking at
> reviving, incl. writing how-to manuals for schools, etc. I'm interested
> in turning this into a working business, esp. w/ small schools w/ no IT
> staff & minimal/broken network infrastructure.
> I'm currently working on a small school's network. I'm building a pilot
> machine this week dual-booting Linux & Win2K, might bring in stuff like
> Studio To Go ( http://www.ferventsoftware.com ) as well... The plan is
> to also do a partial implementation of Karoshi so that the student user
> profiles ( erm, home directories) will be available on Linux, Mac &
> Windows.

Great idea.

> Whether it be OSS, abandonware, freeware, functional trialware or
> reasonably priced payware, a consultant who has this trove handy can
> help a school with their budgets, keep them legal (in terms of
> licenses), deliver software that is "good enough" for education use, and
> help them phase in OSS on the student desktop. The students get
> inculcated in the value of free stuff that *is* good enough and teach
> them that they don't have to resort to using warez or sucking up to Bill
> Gates.... (even if they buy a Walmart box w/ WinXP on it....).
> I'd like to develop a free & inexpensive software listing/clearing house
> that actually gets noticed, but somehow setting up my blog to get
> noticed has so far escaped me. I know I must be doing something wrong,
> but have been too busy to do anything about it. I'd like to team with
> someone on this project, so if anyone on this list is interested, or
> know someone who would be interested, please contact me.

Maybe a wiki or something so others contribute there selection? Just an
idea. I would be willing to help as bast I can.