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[school-discuss] Portable applications & VPN services

WRT to my previous post on SimDesk, I'm wondering about alternatives for small schools ... like using Portable Applications on a cross-platform USB stick that was set up to access one of those commercial VPN services.  I'm thinking of how a school's students could carry a Portable Applications USB stick to a library and log into the school's VPN site. They'd essentially be able to access their personal /home directory (akin to Karoshi's Moodle implementation, but on a desktop-on-VPN base, not web-based like Moodle).

IF a small school were to try to function w/ a minimum of infrastructure, could it be done this way? And how hard would it be for a larger school to implement its own VPN capacity? Are there security & privacy concerns?

Portable apps:

Commercial VPN services:


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