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Re: [school-discuss] Downloads: Provide FTP or HTTP?


Tittorrent stripes or segments a file into sub-downloads. My guess is that even if your torrent isn't widely published a single file can be striped into many small CRC-checked segments (I believe I've downloaded from single-source torrents before, it worked fine).

There are a couple of lightweight bittorrent clients ... uTorrent for Windows is one ( Azureus is a bit of a CPU hog & RAM monster ). http://www.utorrent.com


Les Richardson <les@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,

When providing downloads for open source software, is FTP a better
solution for those with slow, unreliable connections? (ie. from the land
of far, far away...)

I'm finding many attempts in my log files to download Open Admin and they
only get part of the way through the file and fail and then try again (ie.
10+ tries to get the file).

Many FTP clients allow folks to continue from a certain part of the file
(ie. recover), correct? (Sorry, I haven't done this stuff for quite a
while... the Z-modem, telix era)

Any suggestions?

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools

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