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[school-discuss] Announcing Webiste@School -0.90.3 and manual

Dear Schoolforge members,
We are proud to inform you that the public releases of Website@School version 0.90.3 and version 0.72 of the
manual are now available for download at


The manual releases consist of the English version of the manual and the Spanish translation of the manual. As always, the manual is very much a work in progress.

Highlights of release 0.90.3 (2011-09-30):

* new translation 'Polish'
* new translation 'German' (under construction)
* new translation 'Turkish' (under construction)
* support for MySQL with InnoDB and full UTF-8
* better context-sensitive help function (deeplinks to manual)
* new theme 'Schoolyard'
* new theme 'Rosalina'
* new module 'Sitemap'
* better support for UTF-8 and more input validation in the main program

See the file CHANGES.txt in the program directory for full details.

Website@School can be managed and maintained by blind users.

Kind regards,
Website@School Development Team
http://websiteatschool.eu http://manual.websiteatschool.eu http://download.websiteatschool.eu http://developer.berlios.de/projects/websiteatschool/ _______________________________________________