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[school-discuss] abuledu DVD Live


We've been currently testing a new version of the abuledu DVD Live,
meant to be used on a personal computer mainly at home. It provides
several educational applications for schoolchildren from 3 to 12.

The previous release was 9.08

The 11.08 provides an English-speaking version which can be downloaded at

When starting, F2 will give you the opportunity to choose "english" and
then confirm.
This menu hasn't been translated yet (sorry about that) but press once
more on the Enter Key and the system will start in English.

To open the parent_or_teacher profile, one must enter "ryxeo" as a password.

Please let us know about your reactions with this beta-version. We
understand English better than we write it :-)

If you think it can be useful... out of the French-speaking schools,
we'll try to provide a better English-speaking version.

We've been starting bilingual resources as well




Ania Lesca, secretary of abuledu-fr