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Re: [school-discuss] Routing For Artist

Tough one, Joel, since Inkscape does not scan images yet (if ever).
However, the way to trace a bitmap to vector is SHIFT/ALT/B, I've not
had any luck with it.

I found this helpful link on the whole issue of scanning a drawn image
to produce a vector graphic image:

Then the following link lists some open source utilities to convert
bitmap to vector.


I'd be definitely interested in any findings.

Andy Figueroa

On 10/15/2011 06:29 AM, Joel Kahn wrote:
> I've been communicating with a well-established artist in England
> who is attempting to get a sketch converted into a DXF file so
> the picture can be engraved into a specific material. At this point,
> it looks like Inkscape is up to the task, but I'm running into a few
> problems, and I'm hoping some of the gurus in this group can help.
> If we can pull this off, we just might get another FLOSS convert.
> Here's the relevant info:
> Name -- Lesley Whelan
> Email Address -- lesley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> The company she's working with on this project is CNC Routing --
> http://www.cncroutinguk.co.uk/
> Best of luck to everyone.
> Joel