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Re: [school-discuss] Routing For Artist

Hi!  I have not been following this conversation much, but have had success converting bitmaps to vector in Inkscape.  I go to the "path" menu and choose "trace bitmap."  For my purposes I choose "colors" in the lower section of the window.   I am using it for creating Spoonflower.com fabric designs.  (Joel told us about it about a month ago.  I have 3 designs so far.  Such fun.)    Vectormagic.com worked pretty well too.

I will check out those links below too - thanks!



On Sat, 15 Oct 2011 12:40:06 -0400, Andy Figueroa wrote:

Tough one, Joel, since Inkscape does not scan images yet (if ever).
However, the way to trace a bitmap to vector is SHIFT/ALT/B, I've not
had any luck with it.

I found this helpful link on the whole issue of scanning a drawn image
to produce a vector graphic image:

Then the following link lists some open source utilities to convert
bitmap to vector.

http://www.econsultant.com/i-want-open-source-software/index.htmlI'd be definitely interested in any findings.

Andy Figueroa

On 10/15/2011 06:29 AM, Joel Kahn wrote:
I've been communicating with a well-established artist in England who is attempting to get a sketch converted into a DXF file so the picture can be engraved into a specific material. At this point, it looks like Inkscape is up to the task, but I'm running into a few problems, and I'm hoping some of the gurus in this group can help. If we can pull this off, we just might get another FLOSS convert. Here's the relevant info: Name -- Lesley Whelan Email Address -- lesley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The company she's working with on this project is CNC Routing -- http://www.cncroutinguk.co.uk/ Best of luck to everyone. Joel