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[school-discuss] Home school for dyslexic students

Hi there everyone.

You guys might know me as the chick with the wild ideas that don't go anywhere.  :)  What I am doing now might be the reason for it all.

Most of my efforts in recent years have involved trying to make schools do the right thing for dyslexic kids.  I have sort of  given up on that I guess, because we have decided to home school our profoundly dyslexic son, Sam.

Actually, it is going really well.  We live in Texas, and they have absolutely no rules here.  Good for us . . . we can be creative - not so good for the kids who are "home-schooled" but not really getting an education.

I am using Moodle, Firefox with CLiCkSpeak, WriteType and will eventually use bunches of other open source packages.  It lives here:


If any of you have created instructional videos on anything - please let me know so I can possibly eventually include them.  Ideas and suggestions are welcome as well.

Personally, I would like to see folks creating educational videos, posting them on YouTube under a Creative Commons license so anyone can use them, but then enabling monetization  . . . so the creators can earn a few advertising dollars.

Have a great day!