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Re: [school-discuss] Home school for dyslexic students - programming

Marilyn, now you've got me thinking about the possibility of
designing a programming environment specifically aimed
at addressing the issues that dyslexics face....

This could include giving the student/programmer control
over specific commands that would produce specific sounds,
correlating them with other activities going on in the program
that was being designed and/or modified.

Research should be done to see how much exploration has
already taken place in this area. In any case, I'm wondering
if a grant from the National Science Foundation just might
be somewhere in our future. :-)

To be continued....


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I think it would be possible because the issue with dyslexia is that the brain does not convert symbols to sounds.  It is an auditory problem. Usually a dyslexic brain will have not problems converting symbols such as numbers to physical quantities, or symbols such as music notes to keys on the piano and durations.  In programming often times the symbols do not so much represent sounds as they do commands.  Is that right?
If programming instruction was on a video, I think many dyslexic kids could do it.

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