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Re: [school-discuss] Home school for dyslexic students - programming

I think it would be possible because the issue with dyslexia is that the brain does not convert symbols to sounds.  It is an auditory problem.  Usually a dyslexic brain will have not problem converting symbols such as numbers to physical quantities, or symbols such as music notes to keys on the piano and durations.  In programming often times the symbols do not so much represent sounds as they do commands.  Is that right?

If programming instruction was on a video, I think many dyslexic kids could do it.


On 09.10.2012 06:48pm, Joel Kahn wrote: 

More brainstorming here.

A number of programming languages aimed at students
(BASIC-256, Scratch, Alice, &c) include functions which
take a string of words and make the computer's sound
system speak the words aloud. Could this be a useful
tool for approaching dyslexia? And the larger question
is: How workable is it to teach computer programming
to students with dyslexia and/or other learning issues
related to language? Does this present too much of a
challenge because it places extra burdens on the student,
or does it provide valuable opportunities to look at
language in different ways? Does it depend mostly
on each individual case?

As I said, just brainstorming....


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