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Re: [school-discuss] Dyslexia and Programming

Max Shinn wrote:
1. What kinds of programs should children write?
Short answer: ask them

I think this is easier said than done.  In my experiences, young
children have absolutely no idea what is possible, and don't have any
sense of scope, i.e. "this is hard, this is easy".  For you and I who
know already know some programming, we already know that a 3D video
game is probably out of the question, and even a side-scroller is
probably a lot.  I think this is a very valid question and worthy of
discussion, and my experience of teach programming to young children
would have been much more successful if I had come in with ideas.


Hi Max and all,
In a previous reply I said that the long answer is complex and I pointed to my own MAP site, see below. A more recent answer, as basic but with modern technologies can be found here:


And related to K12:


There is an old saying from an old pricipal of the primary school of my old colleague:

"Teacher and pupil suppose each other,
Learning supposes neither of them."

Kind regards,
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