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Re: [school-discuss] looking for open source technology to write about it.

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Thanks for the contribution, Marc. You make some good points. While working on my book, I was thinking of the Third World, more so than the United States. In this country, people can afford to spend (waste?) their money on proprietary technology. People in the Third World (mostly) don't have this luxury, which, considering the direction the U.S. seems to be headed with proprietary technology, will be to their advantage as the rest of the world turns to open source. I am not a software developer, so I do this as the next best thing. I feel that my hands are tied in regards to the development of open source, but the more people, especially young people, who become involved with it, the faster open source will grow.

Christopher Whittum
M.Ed. Learning and Technology
Energize Education through Open Source
CDW Web Design

On 10/06/2015 05:08 AM, Marc Stephan Nkouly wrote:
Yeah I think it will be a good ideas to talk about Pharo,
As for me the only thing i find unfortunate is the fact that all the open sources software projects i have seen up to now are made for people having knowledge in Programming.
An if there's one question that i always have in mind is : What does it take to become a developer and contributes to other projects because is obvious that you can't over forward if you can't find your way around and OS not to talk about an IDE, when i look at Pharo where they say :ÂÂ(think IDE and OS rolled into one).
Been based in Africa i am among those that believe Open source may be the answer to most of our problems here but the most difficulty that i have is to find materials that are organize by teachers to train enthusiast .
I instead have the impression that the materials that are used in schools are not available in the public domain.
Except if am not able to find them.
To put it simpler one thing i would have dream of would have been to have materials that could be use even on self pace to acquire some programming knowledge at least enough to get started and be able to contributes to other projects .
If i take Âexample of DIGITAL LITERACY or even COMPUTER LITERACY the most common materials that i have discovered is based on MS tools up to now i have never seen something on Linux or even Unix , not to talk about projects that could be used offline. to teach or even learn programming.
Hope to see some people do something in future like that as for me am whiling to also collaborate with any one interested.

Marc Stephan Nkouly
Digital Literacy (Technology) Coach
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On Tue, Oct 6, 2015 at 8:39 AM, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Christopher,

What about writing on Pharo - http://pharo.org.
It is the open source technology used to write Dr. Geo software.
It quotes itself as "The immersive programming experience".


Le 05/10/2015 22:26, Christopher Whittum a ÃcritÂ:

I know that this is primarily for people who need technical support or advice, but I need an idea. I have been writing a blog, Energize Education through Open Source (see the link in my signature line), initially to promote my book of the same name, but the blog has developed into a means through which I evaluate, write about and promote open source technology. If you check out the site, you can see what I've done and read some of my work. Currently I am in need of a topic about which to write. It can be software, hardware or both, so long as it is open source. The article may be used for promotional purposes by the developers of the product in question.Â



Christopher Whittum
M.Ed. Learning and Technology
Energize Education through Open Source
CDW Web Design

Dr. Geo