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Re: [school-discuss] EFL (was: MS/free software)

Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Tue, 3 Sep 2002 20:29, Chris Puttick wrote:
> > I'd go with Australian - they have some fairly strange national sports -
> > I've never quite recovered from being made part of the Australian boat race
> > team at an international student conference...
> This wasn't the Henley-on-Todd Regatta? http://www.henleyontodd.com.au/

Wow! I'd love to know what Alice Spring's answer to Cowes Week is ;-)

Bearing in mind Doug's gentle pointings towards
'ontopic-ness', has everyone seen the news from


At this rate the US and Europe will be left
behind by the rest of the world in a couple 
of decades as Palladium leaves young people 
unable to explore their computers and learn 
how things work :-(

- Richard


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