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[school-discuss] [Fwd: Linux Da Zero 2.0]

Marcello Missiroli wrote:

> Dear Doug
> Just a little mail to let all of you know of a little project of mine: Linux
> Da Zero. Its goal is to produce a _really_ easy to understand manual
> for people with little or no computer experience. That is, targeted at people
> with NO windows experience. I am a teacher (high school) ad I use it with my
> pupils.
> The book is avaiable as PDF and FDL'd, but is of course in Italian :-)
> http://dazero.sourceforge.net/ldz-en.html
> Thank you,
> Marcello Missiroli
> --
> Marcello Missiroli
> (1) marcello.missiroli@tiscalinet.it [general]
> (2) piffy@treemme.org [game-related stuff]
> (3) m.missiroli@itisvinci.com [school-related]

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