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Re: [school-discuss] request for texts

tir, 2002-09-10 kl. 10:13 skrev David Bucknell:
> Take this bit of reflection or leave it: I read the Principia in
junior math
> at St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. I am not a
mathematician, but
> the book is required reading. My memory of it is that it could be
used as a
> source and broken into digestible bits for average to bright
younger students.
> It is fascinating, if nothing else, for the discovery of
> calculus, so could provide good historical background and
demonstration of
> real mathematical proofs. Any more than pieces would be difficult
for all but
> the most motivated of students except with a great tutor.
> David
> Quoting mike eschman <meschman@engima.com>:

In a similar vein:
The geometry teachings of the school of Pythagoras. An important
part of math history and a real eye opener for those who think math
can only be done in one way.

Ever had pupils cursing "those damn greeks" when doing second degree
equations? They are right!