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[school-discuss] Open Source School Admin Website

Hi again,

I've dumped any sensitive data on this application and created 300 phony
students and some teachers to match. Use grade 1 and 'teach1' as both
userid and password on teacher site (as noted). (or what you will.)

I've removed the password protection on both sites, teacher and admin.

Please feel free to edit, change or otherwise bend, fold, spindle, or
mutilate any data, to see how it works. 

Any questions are certainly welcome.

This code is slightly out of date and doesn't have the report card system
code and other bug fixes.  This is also the code for a public school
system. The Catholic SD system code has additional religion data fields
and additional reports. Don't expect this code to be "bug-free" or
"logic-error free".

However, you get the idea. The URL's for the sites are:

1) Administration 


2) Teacher


Les Richardson
H. Hardcastle School