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[school-discuss] internet jazz clinic with dr. john's arranger


We'd like to offer music students everywhere an oppurtunity to interact with a 
jazz musician in depth over an internet broadcast.  If this works out for all 
it will become a regular feature. 

I'm hoping you can help me.   

October 2002 : "In Depth" with Charlie Miller at etc ...

Each Thursday in October (the 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st), we are going to 
conduct a live
show with Charlie Miller over the internet (Central Standard Time 1 to 3 PM).  
During these 
shows we will address any issues you might have an interest in about music, 
playing music, 
the history of jazz, whatever you like.

Charlie will be playing examples and taking questions in response to e-mails 
sent before and
during the shows.  He will also be playing - and we will be broadcasting - new 

This is a jazz program for jazz students.

All the programs will be rebroadcast continuously between live shows.

RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, XMMS or WinAmp can be used to listen.

the bandwidth requirement is modest but dialup may not cut it.

It's mono, 22.5khz at 32khz sampling.

About Charlie Miller :

Back in the 60s, every kid trumpet player in New Orleans knew who Charlie 
Miller was.
He worked up the nerve to leave town.  "When I moved to New York, I tried 
Broadway, Classical, Jazz, Latin, Rhythm & Blues ... you name it."

Charlie left New Orleans to accept a full scholarship to the Manhattan School 
of Music
Graduate School.  Today he is a familiar performer at jazz festivals and clubs 
in France, 
Spain, Finland, Switzerland, London, England, Italy, Germany, Russia and even 
Japan. He 
has been a featured performer in the Playboy JazzFest at the Hollywood Bowl,  
the Monterey, 
Newport, Syracuse and New Orleans Jazz Fests, the Fest de Jazz de Montreal and 
the Preakness 
Fest in Baltimore.

Charlie worked at Lincoln Center with the New York City Ballet, on Broadway in 
Line" and "Annie get your Gun", in Carnegie Hall with the Thelonious Monk Big 
in the Machito Latin Band, the Chuck Mangoine Band, the Saturday Night Live 
Band, the 
Tonight Show band with Jay Leno, on the Conan O'Brien Show, and on Austin City 
He's worked with B.B. King, Hank Crawford, Johnny Adams, Davell Crawford, Ruth 
David "Fathead" Newman,  and Jimmy Witherspoon too, but is best known today 
for his 
long term commitment to Dr. John as Music Director / Arranger.

Charlie has received the Offbeat magazine "Lifetime Achievement Award", and 
got voted best 
trumpet player and best overall sideman by the savvy New Orleans Jazz 
community.  His "Peace 
Horn" CD was used in a 1998 episode of Homicide and in the independent film 

It would be easy to go like this for a dozen pages, but, i think you get the 

Charlie is an exciting performer, because he achieves spontaneity in his 
music, not mere 
calculation.  No formulas drive this music, it's direct from the heart and 

"This music has a spirit of love and freedom.  I grew up with music that came 
out of innocence, 
purity and love for the music itself.  It's about freedom from the barriers 
that exist 
in human experience, freedom from predictable frameworks.  

CDs tend to sound like other cds today.  An R & B record -- it's a drummer, 
keyboard and a singer, maybe horns if the budget's not too tight.  The sound 
is known before 
a note is played.  So it's living recordings, like going to a museum.

God has given me a gift for realizing the unexpected in my music, and that's 
every musician's 
mission -- to bring new music into the world."

My wife and I have enjoyed Charlie on trumpet, flute and piano, and he did a 
stint on Tuba (!) 
for a bit.  With a trio here in town (Upright Bass, Hawaiian Guitar and 
Charlie on flute & 
trumpet) he redefined the meaning of Monk's tunes for us in a way that brought 
us back every 
night for every performance. 

Well, we finally talked Charlie into sharing with etc ...'s listeners.  All 
month we'll be
airing Charlie's music and airing interviews.  We'll keep an eye on e-mails 
and try to 
answer any questions you may have.  Some of this music is going to be heard 
for the first time
ever :-)

mike eschman, etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ...