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Re: [school-discuss] StarOffice in Edu.

Leon Brooks wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Sep 2002 17:09, Chris Puttick wrote:
> > The bad news is I haven't found a good explanation why education haven't
> > adopted StarOffice/OpenOffice wholesale. The good news is in the UK it's
> > happening in more and more areas, and with it a recognition of the
> > effectiveness of Linux, particularly by primary schools and specifically
> > the benefits of thin client setups. Watch this space...
> University of Western Australia is almost certainly going to be using
> StarOffice next year. One of the two PowersThatBe in CompSci was idly
> discussing the idea at a meeting last night and happened to be within earshot
> of the local Sun rep. The ensuing conversation was marvellous to be party to.
> (-:

UWA has been a site licensee for StarOffice since 1999:
but since that was StarOffice 5.x, I suppose not too many people
used it.  How do you forsee things changing?

If you happen to find a URL describing how they're going to
encourage use of StarOffice, please shoot it my way so I can
link to it from http://www.kegel.com/linux/edu/#apps

- Dan