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[school-discuss] GPL School Admin Update


I've finished the update, as promised, to the demonstration websites
install of the School Admin package. I've added on the report card system
which allows creations of "subjects" (they may actually be only
performance objectives for one section of a course), student enrollment in
those subjects, teacher entry of assessment on those categories, and
report card output in PDF format.

I've added an export function to report to our provincial authority,
Saskatchewan Learning, using their, somewhat dated, fixed length record
format as well.

These sites are located, as mentioned previously, on my server at:

http://bcsa.richtech.ca  (Office Admin)  

http://bcst.richtech.ca  (Teacher Admin)

I'm probably going to call the package 'North West Admin' or NWAdmin or
NWA for short. Does that conflict with anything important or does anyone
have any better ideas? It's a geography thing and a school division
thing...I worked for NWCSD mainly to develop this.

Les Richardson
Hardcastle School
Edam, Sk. Canada