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Re: [school-discuss] science's 10 most beautiful experiments of all time (NY Times)/ Linuxconf


open a shell.

su inro root.

invoke linuxconf as a command.

it pops right up in redhat 73.

mike eschman. etc ...
"Not just an afterthought ....

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 06:04 pm, Dave Prentice wrote:
> Mike,
>     Great timing on that link. This week I'm teaching my chemistry
> students about experimental design and the fact that their experiments
> need to be practical, using available equipment. It fits right in.
>     On another note, in RedHat7.2 I used linuxconf all the time. I've
> upgraded to 7.3, only to find that linuxconf is gone. Does anybody
> know how to do in 7.3 what linuxconf used to do?
> Thanks,
> Dave Prentice
> prentice@instruction.com
> http://www.originsweb.info
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