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Re: [school-discuss] Student Information Management Systems

We've been using Les Richardson's Open Admin for Schools for two years happily.
Les is always improving it and the software is stable and has most features you
could want: http://rictech.ca


Quoting Curt Craig <ccraig@lumensoftware.com>:

> A little help?  We're exploring some options for deploying a SIS on Linux
> thin-client networks. (similar to LTSP)
> I'd appreciate some input as to:
> Any experiences with OS SIS packages (such as Centre, or any others we
> could
> look at?)
> Any experiences with using Wine/CodeWeavers for suites such as PowerGrade,
> SchoolMaster, or any other SIS packages that might be candidates for using
> Wine?
> Thanks, in advance, for your help!
> Curt Craig


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