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Re: [school-discuss] Student Information Management Systems

Hi Craig,

On Thu, 2 Sep 2004, Curt Craig wrote:

> A little help?  We're exploring some options for deploying a SIS on Linux
> thin-client networks. (similar to LTSP)
> I'd appreciate some input as to:
> Any experiences with OS SIS packages (such as Centre, or any others we could
> look at?)

Our/My software called Open Admin for Schools is a lightweight web based
SIS package based on MySQL/Perl. It is GPL'd. It is currently being used
in 4 divisions (that I know about) here in Saskatchewan, Canada and by
some international schools.

I have several demonstration sites for Main Admin, Teacher, and IEP. They
are linked on my main page (which includes documentation) at:


Les Richardson 

> Any experiences with using Wine/CodeWeavers for suites such as PowerGrade,
> SchoolMaster, or any other SIS packages that might be candidates for using
> Wine?
> Thanks, in advance, for your help!
> Curt Craig