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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools 1.50 Released


Open Admin for Schools 1.50 is now available for download from:


on the download page.

It contains the latest scripting to allow updating Saskatchewan schools
with their provincial authority via XML data transfers over HTTPS.
(although this system is still not completed on the Sask Learning side, so
updates will be ongoing with new code releases of OA as required over the
next several weeks and months)

It also contains the new online gradebook code to allow teachers to enter
marks from anywhere... home or school. It will also allow parents and
students to see student marks on an ongoing basis. However, the parent
site code is not released in this version, but will be shortly as schools
test the code for this.  Additions to the gradebook are already underway
and new releases will also be out in a month or so.

The IEP system (Special Ed) has new student removal scripting and the
attendance system now has multi-day attendance (ie weekly, biweekly) both
on teacher and admin sites.

There have been many other small script fixes and improvements.

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools