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Re: [school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] XYZ Global Network site map contentrevised.doc [2/2]

Thomas Templin wrote:

On Monday 20 September 2004 11:01, AntiMoneyLaundering.Net - nigelmc wrote:

None of our copies of MSO creates PDF. But OpenOffice.Org does and it
opens MSO files.

Shure it does, if you buy Acrobat Destiller ore use Free Software like gswin32 or pdfcreator as ps/pdf output filter. (c:
But youre right its better to use OpenOffice.org than fizzeling around with special export filters. ((c:

I will not accept any document format which will allow to include any executable Programm code.

OpenOffice.org uses a OASIS conform document format, so that will be acceptable under some circumstances, eg. from senders I trust. But I would never send even OASIS documents if there is no opt in for this format by the recipient.

It is commonly accepted that is at least disrespectful or rude to talk in a language your counterpart doesn't understand. Ick hebb heelemaal kien probleem op platt to praaten. Bloss da jie dann niet een woord verstahn kŁennt.[1]

By the way, you tried to open this document with OpenOfice.org?
I would suggest to do so in a sandbox or a chroot environment if you use a Windows machine. If there is something like a sandbox or a chroot.
Or use a hex editor first for a closer examination.
It looks very suspicious to me /-:


[1] I have no problem at all to talk in platt (platt; local language, commonly used at the coast of the dutch sea. Some kind of dutch sea gaelic, in the meaning that it is spoken only by a few people :-) But then you wouldn't understand a word.

p.s. you know what is called tofu email?

I wonder if this posted to the wrong list?

It is kinda interesting to know stuff... but it has no relevance to any message I can find.. or did I perhaps miss that message somehow?

Bill Ries-Knight
Stockton, CA

Respect the process, Vote in November.