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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Request for new introductions

Name : Robert Rittenhouse
Institution: McMurry University
Country: USA
Email: rob@xxxxxxxxxxx

I have a longstanding interest in Social movements surrounding computing
and FLOSS is a very interesting one.

We use open source software ourselves (it's a real boon to small
universities such as ourselves).

We are currently evaluating Moodle as a potential replacement for
BlackBoard. So far so good.

The community support for Moodle is very strong. Lots of contributions
from the community.  We feel much more involved with the development of
the software than we ever have with BlackBoard.

One interesting aspect of our own experience is our desire on the one hand
to try to use some of the new modules under development versus our desire
to have a stable system.

Robert G. Rittenhouse      * Computer Science Dept,
McMurry University         * rob@xxxxxxxxxxx
Abilene TX 79697-0968      * http://cs1.mcm.edu/~rob/