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[school-discuss] Re: [IIEP] Request for new introductions

Hi all,

First at all - Thank you Wayne for excellent list moderation!

Here is a paragraph about me:

- - - - - clip - - - - - -
I am the leader of the Learning Environments research group (http://
fle3.uiah.fi/group/) of the Media Lab (http://mlab.uiah.fi) in
Helsinki, Finland. We manage and participate in several international
research, design and development projects in the field of learning
technology. We conduct research, design prototypes, do experiments
and publish our results in different forums. I also try to write
regularly to the FLOSSE Posse blog (http://flosse.dicole.org/) about
these topics. Some projects:

* Future Learning Environment
  - http://fle3.uiah.fi
* UNESCO Art, Design and Technology Master Classes in the Arab States
  - http://moodle.uiah.fi/unesco/
* UNESCO Young Digital Creators
  - http://unesco.uiah.fi/
* CALIBRATE - Calibrating eLearning in Schools (starts in October 2005)
  - http://www.europeanschoolnet.org/ww/en/pub/eun/news/
* ITCOLE - Innovative Technology for Collaborative Learning and
Knowledge Building
  - http://www.euro-cscl.org/site/itcole/
* Mobiled - Mobile Phones in Formal and Informal Learning in
Developing Countries
* Imanote - Image Annotation Notebook
- - - - - clip - - - - - -

Best regards,

    - Teemu

Wayne Mackintosh kirjoitti 11.9.2005 kello 6:29:
Please let us have a short paragraph about yourself, what you do
and your
interests in FLOSS for e-learning.

----------------------------------------------- Teemu Leinonen http://www.uiah.fi/~tleinone/ +358 50 351 6796 Media Lab http://mlab.uiah.fi University of Art and Design Helsinki -----------------------------------------------