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Re: [school-discuss] Request for New Intro-Duct-Shuns.

I'm a lurker on the network-admin list, too, and I have a Japan related
question, if you don't mind.  We're having a Japan exhibit in the Dallas
Children's Museum where I work, and it includes a recording of children
singing in a school in Fukuoka.  There's no accompanying material about the
song, which is just used to represent that children sing in Japan, but we'd
like to identify the song and maybe learn something about it.  Do you have
any recommendations for a good way to go about that?  (We tracked back up
through the exhibit people without success.  People who might know have
moved on.)

In case you think you might know it yourself, the song is lurking on our
website at http://dallaschildrens.org/japanexhibit.mp3.

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> I am a school-discuss list lurker and network administrator for a small
> English-immersion college in southern Japan. I have only become an admin a
> few months ago and am still learning the ropes, frustrated because I am
> doing much too much paperwork and almost no software dev. I hope to learn
> from my senior fellows on this list about how to contribute to education
> with IT. I have been a translator-interpreter, English teacher, and before
> that, a literature major. I re-educated myself (UMUC) and changed careers
> so that I could build up my programming and IT skills. I would like to
> make a real difference through education and make a living while at it.
> Micheal
> Kyushu, Japan